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Please Note, due to the process undertaken in the cleaning of Garments & Textiles our Process is capable of cleaning delicate fibres including leather, Cashmere, Silk & Furs retaining the quality and texture of the Garment throughout the process.


Each Garment is individually inspected, the fabric, texture and any stains are considered before being hand spotted, cleaned, steamed and hand finished. The result, a Garment that looks and feels as good as new.


These fabrics are unique and precious in their quality, touch and cleaning demands. We take our obligation to extend the enjoyment and use of garments & accessories created from these materials especially seriously. Our special non solvent cleaning methods are the most gentlest and effective means of caring for suede and leather on the market today.

We work in partnership with handbag specialists and shoe repairers whom have the expertise and experience in cleaning, repairing and restoring handbags and shoes that have seen better days! Please enquire in store for more information.


In an instant, though, the big day is over, you are left with wonderful memories of either your own or a friends/relatives wedding. To fully preserve these memories, preserving the gown you wore is fundamental as a keepsake. Professionally cleaning and preservation assure that you will have your beautiful dress for years to come.

We understand that the care given to your garment must respect the special occasion for which it was made.


Our cleaning experts examine each item to determine an appropriate cleaning method, each of which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. If there’s a stain, our scientifically selected plant enzymes will remove it. The process ends with a state-of-the-art rolling system, ensuring a beautiful press. We use non-toxic, hypoallergenic plant-based soaps, surfactants, and softeners that are gentle on your skin, clothes, and environment our products are simple and natural, leaving your linen clean and fresh.
Our service extends to an array of textiles to include tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets, towels, duvets, to name a few.


The cleaning of your curtains and other window treatments requires a professional who understands the many degrees of this specialty. Exposure to humidity, oxygen and sunlight can cause enduring damage and colour changes, and weaken threads, especially those exposed to natural light. We offer the finest cleaning of lined and interlined to make the curtains as good as new!
A take down and re-hang service is also available, by appointment.


Sometimes you just can’t find a particular Garment that you had in mind either for a particular occasion or just according to your preference. Our specialist Tailor will create that Garment from discussing the design, sourcing the fabric & trimmings to hand stitching the garment to your precise requirements.


If there is a Garment or handbag that needs to be repaired or altered, our in house Tailor will carefully consider your requirements whilst respecting the original piece and repair, or alter it bringing it back to life to be used again.


We all have a garment in our wardrobe that needs a little re-styling or tweaking, re-viving these Garments is usually a very simple task that takes a little imagination and effort, our Tailor can ensure your garments no longer clutter your wardrobes but add to your collection of favourites.


We are lucky enough to work with some extremely talented and skilled designers in providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their products via Elite Textile Care.

All garments and pieces are intricately designed and handmade using superior fabrics and materials offering comfort and affordable luxury. You will find that we promote and showcase exciting pieces that are truly unique. We celebrate up and coming designers that are unbranded and fresh in their ideas and concepts in designing pieces that you will not find anywhere else! Designers provide bespoke services as an option and are willing to discuss bespoke orders. Come and explore with our design partners.


We are always looking for designers and craftspeople, if you would like to discuss the possibility of working in partnership with Elite Textile Care please don’t hesitate to contact us.