Renew, customise, revive and recycle garments & accessories: Handbags, Shoes, garments & textiles.

Image 1 : Customised sleeves added
Image 2 : Jacket Sleeves repaired
Image 3 : Handbag repairs
Image 4 : Tired Cuffs replaced

We all have garments in the back of our wardrobes that we don’t wear or use, their usually a little tired, outdated, or just don’t fit as well as you would of liked.

Pull them out, have some fun and redesign them, a handbag can be fixed, a tops neckline or a dresses sleeves can be changed, a tired shirts collars and cuffs can be renewed by adding removing the old with new ones. The list goes on.

With a little imagination, selection and thought you will find that your wardrobe has exactly what you want. At Elite Textile Care, our aim is to encourage recycling garments, customising pieces and just generally avoiding landfill.

Its common that we go shopping and just don’t find what we love or want, by twerking your current pieces your creating exactly that, just what you want, a piece unique to you.

So allow us to connect you with the artisans who are experts in their fields, whether that be a tailor, leather repairer or handbag cleaner. With our wealth of experience we can ensure that your much loved pieces can easily be revived and put back into use with much less investment than purchasing a new piece.