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The Process

Lagoon machine service

Lagoon machine service (Eco wet-cleaning) is an integrated system including washing, drying, assuring an effective and ecological wash. Tested programmes and dedicated equipment are specially designed to perform the perfect cleaning and drying of your fibres.

The traditional dry-cleaning system uses chemical products throughout the process of cleaning fibres that are left with a harsh stiff finish and a solvent aftersmell on both garments and textiles. Perc, the solvent used by dry cleaners is a highly toxic pollutant with a high rate of evaporation.

With it be a work shirt or a wedding dress our innovative wet-cleaning process ensures that all kind of textiles are gently and efficiently cleaned, leaving them feeling and smelling fresh, enhancing their natural fibres.

We uses 90% biodegradable detergent and conditioner which do not contribute to smog formation, ozone depletion or the “greenhouse” warming effect, in full compliance with international environmental standards.

The Lagoon Machine Service is suitable to all types of garments and textiles, both those that are resistant to water and those that until now were intended for dry-cleaning alone, Lagoon allows a wider flexibility compared to dry-cleaning where “dry cleanable” goods can be treated through this efficient wet cleaning system.

After wet-cleaning your garments will be hand finished, ensuring the colour and complexity of material will be retained. We ensure the perfect finish of your clothes from well-trained professional operators.

Please Note, due to the process undertaken in the cleaning of Garments & Textiles our Process is capable of cleaning delicate fibres including Cashmere, Silk & Furs retaining the quality and texture of the Garment throughout the process.

Wet Cleaning is the organic version of Dry Cleaning, an alternative to solvent use on all types fabrics.

Please enquire within the store if you request any further information.