Swap Shop, Buy & Sell


Do you own products in your homes & wardrobes which are no longer of use to you or your families, yet still in good condition ? Products that are too good either to throw out or give away. 

Elite Textile Care will assess & evaluate your product before offering you a monetary value for the item, which can be used in order to swap with another item as available online.

You may only swap your product for a product online that is of equal or higher monetary value.

Alternatively you can simply sell or buy products online. 

What can be swapped or sold through ETC website:-

Clothing : Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear & Unisex. 

Accessories : Handbags, shoes, jewellery, scarfs. 

Homeware : furniture, textiles, rugs, home decor, lamps & shades, bedding etc.

Lifestyle : Personal training products, child-care products, cases, technology cases, hampers.

If your not sure just drop us an email so we may confirm whether we can accept the product for a swap or sale. 

Here at Elite Textile Care we don’t ask that your products are only designer or pre-loved, it might be a piece that you purchased that you just never used, a vintage item or a high street branded piece.

Products can fall into any of the categories below :- 





Non Designer

High Street /International Brands 

The criteria for swapping & re-sale.

 Items that are not wanted or needed by the seller.

Products that are of very good condition which includes not damaged, clean & precisely match the details as being represented by you the swapper/seller.

All products must be genuine, as to be authenticated by Elite Textile Care.

All products must be capable of being re-used for the purpose for which they are marketed & thus of monetary value.

We will refer you to the terms of swapping /selling under Elite Textile Care.

All products can only be swapped for other items of  equal or higher monetary value. 

Should you select a product that is of higher monetary value than your product you will be required to settle the difference in order to successfully swap. 

Please note that we will not undervalue products & fabric for the sake of fast fashion, products will be assessed according to their quality of material, craftsmanship and longevity. 

What you need to do:-

Email us the images & details of products you wish to make available for Sale & or Swap, including brand, size, colour, original purchase price, fit, occasion of use, convenience of use. 

We will assess each product, advising on its quality & market value, for which a small fee of either £2.50 or £2.00 will be charged depending on the product type.

We will consider waiving the initial Assessment Fee but please note that our commission will increase from 17.5% to 20% in that scenario when you have a successful swap/sale.

Then were ready to go.

Next Step :-

We will use your  images to upload the product adding the details onto e-commerce website and wait for an offer of a swap or sale to come through. It may be that you already have your sights on a piece on our website and wish to swap your product with an item from our current stock. 

Items can be swapped interchangeably, for example, a handbag can be exchange for a homeware product. 

Delivery :-

Items that are currently in your homes, will remain there until there is an offer of a swap/sale as accepted by you, the seller.

Each seller will be responsible for the cost of delivery of the product they are offering a swap for or purchasing. 

Both parties undertaking in a swap/sale will agree on the time for delivery & mode of delivery which will be expected to be followed by each party. Slow Delivery will be encouraged in order to keep delivery costs to a minimum. 

All packaging used should be kept to a minimum with recyclable materials being used primarily.

Our Commission:-

There are 2 tiers:-

  1. If we have charged the initial Assessment Fee our commission will be 17.5% of the products monetary value on each successful swap/sale.
  2. If we have waived the initial Assessment Fee our commission will be 20% of the products monetary value on each successful swap/sale.

The Benefits:-




Email us on info@elitetextilecare.co.uk :- 


ETC Vs other online sale platforms :-

These are just a few differences :-

We authenticate all pieces to ensure that they are genuine.

We ensure that the quality is at a standard for re-sale &/or swapping.

All pieces are offered at a fixed price, no bidding. 

The scheme relies upon transparency of products so all potential buyers are fully informed of the details of products.

The Scheme creates a collective community or re-cyclers.