ECO WET CLEANERS vs DRY CLEANERS : why your choice of cleaning has such an affect on fabric & the planet


Many still opt for dry cleaners services, our preference, always are wet cleaners, an industry that has the capability clean garments, textiles, leathers, suedes and handbags but without the use of Solvents that are traditionally used by dry cleaners.  Wet cleaners use Lagoon machines that allow the gentle wet cleaning of clothes, the clothes are initially hand spotted concentrating on any stains before they are placed  into  the machines. Wet Cleaning work involves greater consideration given to the texture and composition of fabric and longevity of pieces ensuring that they leave a store in their most natural state without perc (the most common solvent as used by dry cleaners to current date).

Once you dry clean a garment the perc used becomes a part of the fibres of your garment. It will smell of the perc residue and the fabric will be harsher when touched. No matter how many times you wash the piece via the wet cleaning process the perc cannot be completely removed. 

Perc is not environmentally viable and leaves a strong odour not only on the clothes it is used to clean but creates a toxic environment to work in. Hence why Eco is really the only option.

Many people really don’t care whether their clothes are cleaned used perc or the wet cleaning process but as a business we know that it is our absolute responsibility to send the meesage out there that to adopt practices that are not only environmentally friendly but reduce waste and toxins, clothes will last significantly longer being wet cleaned as opposed to dry cleaned.

This process also allows wet cleaners to clean not only natural fibres such as cotton and linen but the most delicate of fabric and skins, including silk, beaded garments, cashmere etc. The list goes on.

We made a conscious decision, some 6 years back, to adopt  & promote progressive technologies which are not harmful to the environment, fabric and to those wearing and working with fabric. We’ve never looked back!!