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Bespoke Tailoring, Alteration & Repair Services

If you are unable to come to the store this is a guide as to how measurements need to be taken, however please note that it is only a GUIDE. Please contact us via email with images of the garment as it stands and with you wearing it, we will then be able to further advise you as to the specific measurements to be taken, depending on your requirements. 


We have had many clients that have a garment that fits perfectly and want to replicate exactly the same in creating a new piece with the fabric they’ve chosen. In the past we’ve created shirts, dresses and skirts. An initial consultation is required so that not only measurements can be taken but the garment to be tailored can be discussed according to your specific requirements down to the buttons to be used. However, we always ask for at least 2 weeks to create a specific piece which should allow for at least 1 fitting prior to completion of the garment.


With the rise of online shopping we regularly receive garments that are ill fitting and require specific adjustment. A tailor with  expertise & care is a necessity. Thus, with a fitting room in house, you can be fitted, measurements taken and re-fitted near completion of the garment.

Household textiles including curtain alterations, cushion making, blankets etc are commonly tasks with which we are instructed. Such individual items are carefully considered in consultation with our clients, perfecting the vision.

We understand that it is not always possible to visit our store in Richmond for measurements to be taken, thus please email us per the requirements with an image of the garments & anything of particular concern so that we may advise you as to what measurements will be required and how these measurements should be taken.

Examples of alterations undertaken include:-

Re-lining jackets.

Shortening trousers & sleeves.

Hem lines on skirts & dresses.

Tapering dresses to make them smaller and adding inserts to make them bigger.

New waistbands & collars.

Tapering jackets.

Curtain alterations including shortening, adding linings etc.


 Shortening jeans, using the original thread and hem.



Invisible mending.

Torn sleeves on jackets.

Torn garments including trousers/skirts.

Broken zips on jackets/skirts and dresses.


Please email for further advice should you need it: 


DM: Insta – elitetextilecare