A few words that give you a snapshot of us, as a business & community:-

Global Swappers & Sellers

Respect for Fabric & Textiles






Being in the Textile industry for a period of time we have witnessed clients who have a whole host of garments and textiles that have been used on a few occasions and placed back into their wardrobes. Many of these pieces are beautiful pieces that just don’t fit your homes or are no longer suitable for wear for you personally.

Whether they be vintage, designer, pre-loved, un-branded, unique designs, they are usually in very good condition. They have been carefully selected by their owners who have invested time & money in selection, thus they usually hold special value. Rather than allow them to remain unused, we can offer you, the consumer the opportunity to become swappers &/or sellers.

Clear your wardrobes & homes, recycle and utilise what you have in order to swap &/or sell items for what you need, either for your personal use, homes or for your children. All the while knowing that the pieces you have swapped or sold are being used and enjoyed by somebody else.

THE 3R’S For the Textile Industry.

Re-cycle | Redesign | Revive

Many of you own pieces that are too good to be thrown away or to be given away. Sometimes they may need dusting off or slight adjustment to bring them back to their former glory.

We can put you in touch with cleaners, tailors, leather restoration and many other professionals who will offer your piece that care & attention, or maybe a little vision, knowing exactly what to do.

Our purpose ; to avoid pieces that are generally of good quality & reusable, just being thrown away.

We have been listening to our clients complain that they can no longer find pieces that are made with craftsmanship, tailoring and fabric in mind, pieces that can last for years.

So we ask that you utilise what you have and no longer use, keeping as much out of landfill as possible & directing it into the home of another who would take great pleasure in owning your unwanted goods. You might just surprise yourself and find that you actually want to keep hold of a piece brought back by our experts.

Ultimately the choice will be yours.